Last updated:
March 30/2008
Who we are, and our goals: 

Canadian Gasifier Ltd. is a Manitoba, Canada, based company, set in a rural location, on 20 acres of Forrest-land, Currently we have 3 acres devoted to "Coppice Willow" that is our perennial feedstock supply. Our only interest in the Forrest-land is culling of "deadfall", "wind damaged"  and "sick", trees, "clear cutting" is absolutely out of the question, this is a "woodlot" NOT a "paper mill".

We have also partnered with local farmers, for 10 some odd acres of land that will be supporting "switchgrass",  "Wheat straw", and a small portion of "Green Feed (alfalfa/straw cross)" for experimental use.

 Ultimately our goal is client service, and cost effectiveness. Pilot or start-up, projects (even proof of concept) are our main focus of deployment, LARGE scale equipment, absolutely NOT!

We have set a "low level" for out "large" gasifiers, 250 KwT (Kilowatt Thermal) is our maximum size  (About 170 KwE/hr (kilowatt electricity/hour) is the maximum electrical output that we would consider. Anything ABOVE that size becomes non-cost effective, YES, you read correctly. Above this size is an entirely different world, the world of "big business" one that people that are really interested in gasifiers, tend to not want to be involved with.

As an example:

An average gasifier at our "large end" of design is a bit bigger than your average fridge, at the small end of sizes we are about the size of a large fire-extinguisher.  There is other equipment that runs with the gasifier (filters and hoppers) , and these can be larger or smaller according to client needs.

A "heat only" gasifier for replacement of an Outdoor Wood Boiler (OWB) is roughly the same size, as the original appliance or slightly larger, however, this generally also has a feed bunker in the unit as well, that will fuel the unit for up to 2 weeks ! at a time.